A Mighty Saviour. Isa. 43. 11; Heb. 7. 25

W. Gadsby          8.7.4.

Jesus is a mighty Saviour;
Helpless souls have here a Friend;
He has borne their misbehaviour,
And his mercy knows no end;
O ye helpless,
Come, and on his grace depend.

He, to save your souls from ruin,
Shed his blood upon the tree!
O ye needy, haste unto him;
His salvation’s full and free;
Vilest sinners
Shall his great salvation see.

[Whatsoe’er your age or case be,
None can save you but the Lamb;
If in prison, he can set free,
And a full release proclaim;
He is mighty,
And to save the lost he came.]

Yes, the very worst of sinners,
Who upon his grace rely,
Shall of endless bliss be winners;
And shall sing, beyond the sky,
Songs of praises
To the Lamb that once did die.

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