“My peace I give unto you.” John 14. 27; Eph. 2. 14

W. Gadsby           7s

O my soul, with wonder tell,
Jesus has done all things well;
And, through his atoning blood,
I’ve a settled peace with God.

He bequeathed his peace to me,
As a gift divinely free;
And it is his righteous will,
That my soul in peace shall dwell.

[Love to such vile worms as I,
Brought the Saviour from the sky;
Every foe for them to quell,
Jesus conquered death and hell.]

[Gifts like this, so full and free,
Stand as firm as Deity;
God has sworn, nor can he lie,
It shall last eternally.]

Justice, mercy, truth, and love,
Every attribute of God,
Join to make this peace secure,
And it must and shall endure.

What a solid basis this!
Such a peace can never miss,
But produce a grateful mind,
To a God so vastly kind.

[Mourning souls who feel the smart
Of a guilty, treacherous heart,
And with mighty care and pain,
Struggle hard relief to gain;

Labour hard you may, and long,
But you’ll find your foes too strong;
Solid peace can ne’er be had,
Only through a Saviour’s blood.]

Jesus, mighty Prince of Peace,
Now proclaim a full release;
Set poor captive sinners free;
Give them solid peace in thee.

Chapel 594

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