Christ’s Resurrection. Matt. 28. 6; Eph. 1. 20-22

J. Hart          L.M.

Believer, lift thy drooping head;
 Thy Saviour has the victory gained;
 See all thy foes in triumph led,
 And everlasting life obtained.

God from the grave has raised his Son;
 The powers of darkness are despoiled;
 Justice declares the work is done,
 And God and man are reconciled.

Lo! the Redeemer leaves the tomb;
 See the triumphant Hero rise!
 His mighty arms their strength resume,
 And conquest sparkles in his eyes.

Death his death’s wound has now received;
 An end of sin’s entirely made;
 Prisoners of hope are quite reprieved,
 And all the dreadful debt is paid.

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