“Repent ye, and believe the gospel.” Mark. 1. 15

J. Hart        L.M.

Repent, awakened souls, repent;
 Hear the good tidings God has sent,
 Of sinners saved, and sins forgiven,
 And beggars raised to reign in heaven.

God sent his Son to die for us,
 Die to redeem us from the curse;
 He took our weakness, bore our load,
 And dearly bought us with his blood.

In guilt’s dark dungeon when we lay,
 Mercy cried, “Spare;” and Justice, “Slay.”
 But Jesus answered, “Set them free,
 And pardon them and punish me.”

Salvation is of God alone;
 Life everlasting in his Son;
 And he that gave his Son to bleed,
 Will freely give us all we need.

Believe the gospel, and rejoice;
 Sing to the Lord with cheerful voice;
 His goodness praise, his wonders tell,
 Who ransomed our poor souls from hell.

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